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Collaborative Engagement for Effective Governance 

Welcome to the African Governance Institute (AFRIGI) website, your platform for policy-relevant research, training and engagement on governance and development management.

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The African Governance Institute (AFRIGI) is a pan-African organization established by African researchers, academics and development practitioners based in the Netherlands and in Africa. AFRIGI's mission is to provide policy-relevant research on governance and development management, and to further use the knowledge generated to engage varied stakeholders whose intervention initiatives depend on the effective functioning of governance institutions and context.

AFRIGI's Expertise

AFRIGI is registered in the Netherlands at the Chambers of Commerce (KvK) as a private partnership organization with a vision to become a Centre of Excellence in innovative and strategic thinking for strengthening institutions and structures for effective governance and development at the national and sub-national level. While much of AFRIGI’s focus is on Africa, the office in The Hague collaborates with Dutch organizations and institutions to undertake research and capacity building programmes in Europe especially among African and immigrant communities. The key objective is to learn lessons that will inform the design of European policies and programmes on Africa and the African diaspora.

AFRIGI works through a network of organizations and individual experts and consultants in the Netherlands and in many African countries.  Our network of scholars and development practitioners’ work at Universities and training institutions in the Netherlands, Mozambique, Benin, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. At the Office in The Hague, AFRIGI manages a small secretariat of one Director, two programme coordinators and two project officers. It also draws on associates and network staff of affiliated research and practitioner institutes and organisations where needed.

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